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Urvashi N., Age 17 - India

"As long as you have your heart in the right place, you need not be afraid of what people say. Just follow your heart. You need to live up to your own expectations, not others' expectations."


"Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."

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image Our staff will treat each individual client as their own family. Young Adult In-Home Family Support Counseling and Therapy.

Our services at Caresmatic Estates are dedicated to providing continuity and comprehensive services young adults. Our mission as a locally-based firm is to provide quality services, in the context of recognized best practices, to enable individuals and their families to maximize their personal and congregate strengths and manage their challenges in order to strengthen them to succeed and prosper in the community.

What Would You Do

image What would you do to Survive Homelessness? Would you climb into a dirty dumpster filled with trash, because at least inside a Dumpster you would be shielded from the wind and covered from the cold?

Would you find your way into a dark and abandoned building, huddle under newspapers, and try to ignore the rats scrambling on the floor around your feet?

Would you escape underground to the subway and lie on the dirty floor, praying that no one will kick you or hurt you while you sleep?

If you were a homeless kid, you might do any or all those things ... you might not have a choice.

Finding Your Way

image Unaccompanied homeless youth present unique challenges to existing homeless assistance systems. Most organizations are built around the needs of homeless adults and families – not unaccompanied young people. Homeless youth and young adults are at pronounced risk for physical abuse, sexual exploitation, mental health disabilities, chemical or alcohol dependency, and death.

With these limitations in mind, the Caresmatic Estates recommends the following as strategies to end youth homelessness:

  • Early and intense intervention plus family reunification
  • An expansion of long-term housing options consistent with the developmental needs of young people
  • After-care support for youth aging out of foster care