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Support with Caresmatic

A family can expect a professional, qualified In-Home Support Services Counselor from our program to join the Support Team as well as the family. This Support Counselor will meet with the family to work with the parents, help problem solve, share key skills, coach the family, counseling and coordinate other services, plus manage the family's case as required. At the minimum, bi-monthly meetings will occur between the Support Counselor and the youth. The Support Counselor is always on call to families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergencies and crisis.


Mental Health Skill Building Services (ages 18 and up)

Being emotionally and mentally healthy does not exclude the experiences of life which we cannot control. As humans we are going to face emotions and events that are a part of life. In-Home Support Services; however it focuses on the young adult and can be offered to anyone above 18 years of age including adults. The scope of services is vast and reasons for an individual to receive these services can vary greatly.

The services are offered by a therapist who will create a treatment plan specifically designed for the individuals need. Typically, the individual receiving these services is having difficulty in Activities of Every Daily Living. Some examples are: Homelessness, inability to cope due to a death of a spouse, individuals with serious mental health needs, and individuals without primary or secondary support groups. The counselor who is assigned will work with the person in the home and community to help alleviate some of the problems they may be enduring. The counselor can offer advice, set goals, and overall offer support to the individual in need.

Caresmatic Estates provides Independent Living Skills Support Consulting with a one-on-one independent living skills support consultant who will work with the client to identify goals and to develop and carry out plans for achieving those goals. A typical goal involves learning (or improving) a skill that will enable the client to more successfully live on his/her own (i.e., without relying on others for help). The staff we have to make this possible is amongst the best in the Carolina's. Our need of support is for administrative, development, In-Home Support Services.